Banana Rush

Twice the bananas! Bananas rule. Gorillas suck.
Two games in one and both are free!

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Banana Rush: stone age

Ranked number 1 in 2015 rating by SAB Lab! The best choice for banana lovers!

  • Two full-fledged games instead of one! Switch any time!
  • Heaps of bananas!
  • Furious gorilla breathing down your neck!
  • Players statistics. Play to compete with your friends and the rest of the world. Be the coolest banana out there! Game on!
Banana Rush Video Preview


Big stupid gorilla follows you step by step! Run, man, run! Don’t let him grab your bananas away! Show him who the boss here is!

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Cave men could run really fast!

Discover the jungles, fool the gorilla and don’t forget to grin broadly!

You’re so lucky

2 funny games are there, in your smartphone! 2 different heroes, 2 jungles and even 2 gorillas – Tarzan’s dream has realized in your phone now!

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