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Welcome to SAB! We are the supply chain to your mobile entertainment. We love great games and would love to present you our ones.

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February, 2022

archery tag tournament

The archery tournament has diluted the grayness of our office life and plunged us into the atmosphere of competition and drive!


Active weekends always give us a surge of energy and a good mood! That definitely has an effect on the productivity of our studio.

What could be more important than the uplifting mood of the team and fast-paced project creation? That's right, nothing!

January, 2022

SABGAMES flag at the top of the mountain

Climbing in the mountains is very similar to the desire to achieve the goal. Reaching the top embodies the company's readiness for high achievements, the hard but honorable work of its employees, who contribute to the prosperity and future of the gaming industry. The flag on the top is a symbol of the goal that a person achieves in spite of many things, discovering forces previously unknown to him. It is for the sake of this moment that it is worth risking and going through all the difficulties.

December, 2021

Happy New Year 2022!

We wish you a snowfall of joy, lots of sparkling laughter and warmth!

We have the most ambitious plans for the new year!

Buckle up, it's going to be fun with us!

December, 2021

Creating a Christmas Fairy Tale

Intense preparation for the Winter Holidays. Creating a fairy tale is a responsible job! And our team is a pro at it.

November, 2021

A friendly bowling tournament

A great relaxation after a busy work week.

The evening was fun and athletic!


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