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Welcome to SAB! We are the supply chain to your mobile entertainment. We love great games and would love to present you our ones.

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October, 2017


Very soon, one of the most anticipated utilities in the fall will be available in all of the stores. Not a single word more, soon!

August, 2017

Holiday with family

Today we had a very small but joyful event in the studio. It is interesting that a few guys did not hesitate to come to the office with the same cakes))

July, 2017

Soccer match

We try to constantly engage in sports and organize various competitions inside the office or between several of our offices, regardless of their geolocation, but this day is remembered by two amazing goals and the crazy dribbling skills of our COO, possibly worthy of Garrincha himself.

July, 2017

The Night King

We slowly but surely go ahead. We, the generation that grew up on NFS, and we are glad that the first stage development of our huge auto-simulator is coming to an end, by the beginning of the year it will have many familiar streets of the most beautiful cities, the richest garages and many unexpected cool stuff.

June, 2017

Victory in a Contest

On a sunny day, our illustrator girl achieved another victory in a big painting. It's wonderful that in different parts of the Earth, parts of our team always selebrates any significant events inside our family. One life, one love, one family (team)!

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