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February, 2023

Defender of the Fatherland

On February 23, in honor of the well-established holiday of the “Defender of the Fatherland”, the girls from our office decided to throw a party for the boys. They booked a huge bowling alley, which for almost half a day became completely ours! We were divided into six teams and tried to score as many points as possible. There was a lot of joy, loud music, dances and fun. The bowling balls were flying left and right. Some guys tried to win, while others were just enjoying the atmosphere and having a grand old time.

When all of us became a bit tired, we were presented with another surprise - a towering mountain of delicious pizza and drinks! We all had a wonderful day that we will not forget for a very long time.

February, 2023

St. Valentine's Day.

We don't know about you, but we are already in full swing preparing for one of the most tender holidays of the year - St. Valentine's Day. 


Many do not celebrate this holiday and consider it too sentimental or even unnecessary. Still,  it seems to us that, like Halloween, it can become another pleasant tradition in any work team. In our department, we supplied a beautiful sealed box; everyone can come up and throw a valentine into it. There is only one condition - the valentine must be anonymous! 


On the day of the holiday, we will open the box and distribute warm messages to our recipients. We hope that such traditions will unite the team even more and contribute to the emergence of new wonderful acquaintances!

December, 2022

Secret Santa

From December 20th to 30th, Secret Santa was hard at work in our office! Santa brought each member of our hardworking little team a cute gift! 


In our team, we understand what it's like when you work with people who slowly become your friends! Secret Santa is just one of the many fun traditions we have here at SAB-GAMES. It keeps us happy and entertained during the busy days before New Year’s eve.


We had much fun preparing these pleasant gifts and secretly hiding them under the tree! On December 30, our Christmas tree was surrounded by lots and lots of nicely wrapped presents. Traditions such as this help bridge the gap between professionals and beginners!


We love working together and are united in our love for games. Let’s hope that next year, we’ll be able to share our passion with all of you! Happy New Year!

April, 2022

We put on racing helmets and went karting!

We often have various events such as this for all of our staff, which unite us from the inside and make real friends out of colleagues! This time we fancied ourselves as wannabe F1 pilots! There were none, we had a lot of fun, conquering dashing turns and crashing into each other! In every team, sharp turns can always happen, but you need to hold on to the steering wheel firmly and believe in the people around you!

March, 2022

Team building

We all became cowboys for a while! We went on an excursion to the “Fazenda” equestrian club and found ourselves in the wild west! Like any decent Western character, we all wore wide-brimmed hats and intricate ponchos. We went on tours of the stables and the club itself - we saw how horses live and understood how to look after them. At the end of the tour, we went on a horseback ride - our feelings were indescribable! We were ready to go to the prairie in pursuit of those dastardly cattle rustlers! 


We believe that sometimes it is helpful to spend some time outdoors and recharge so that later you can conquer the heights of gaming with renewed vigor!


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